Carpet Cleaning

Our Ultra Clean Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning System

If you have carpet or rugs in your home or business that you want to look and feel like new, then you've come to the right place.

Johnsons Custom Carpet Cleaning is not just another carpet cleaning company. Our goal is to make your carpets look and stay like new for as long as possible, while using cleaning agents that are safer for you, your carpet, and the environment.

How do we get carpets so clean?

We hygienically clean, sanitize and deodorize carpets utilizing a 5-step environmentally-friendly system of cleaning. We do this by using a method of cleaning called "encapsulation," which is simply the process of "crystallizing" dirt and soil. As the cleaning agent dries, it forms a crystal around dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and other pathogens in the carpet. The crystals are then removed with our equipment, leaving your carpets hygienically clean. The "tools" that we use are a biodegradable encapsulate (which "crystallizes" dirt & soil, allowing for easy removal), combined with an oscillating pad machine, and various types of pads. The machine moves side to side & up and down, while rotating at 1750 RPMs. It is the most effective way to loosen and remove dirt & soil from carpeting, leaving them "like new".

Step 1. Pre-Clean Vacuum

Our 5-step process begins with vacuuming the entire area to be cleaned utilizing our dual-motor vacuum. This removes as much dirt and soil as possible. It is imperative that any carpet be vacuumed prior to cleaning with a good vacuum cleaner.

Step 2. Spot-Treat

Second, we spot-treat any spots or stains using our line of "soil specific" spotters. If there is something that we feel we cannot remove, we will bring it to your attention immediately.

Step 3. Clean High-Traffic & Heavily Soiled Areas

Third, we focus on the high-traffic area(s), using the encapsulate in conjunction with our oscillating pad machine and an agitation pad. This is a "pre-treatment" for those areas that require more attention.

Step 4. Clean Entire Carpet

Fourth, we spray the encapsulate over the entire area, and then clean using our oscillating pad machine combined with either a cotton-polyester pad, or a 100% microfiber pad, depending upon the type of carpet. This gently "scrubs" the carpet fibers and removes the crystallized dirt & soil.

Features and benefits of our cleaning system:

  • Encapsulation — Dirt and Soil are "Crystallized" and Removed
  • Green Seal Approved — Safe for You, Your Children, Employees, Customers, and the Environment
  • Wool-Safe Approved
  • We apply this cleaning agent with a sprayer and then clean using a Random Orbital Oscillating Pad Machine.

Features and benefits of the Random Orbital Oscillating Pad Machine:

  • Random Orbital Motion — This Scrubbing Action Loosens Dirt
  • Oscillating Motion — Cleans Fibers from all Directions; Guaranteed to Safely Remove the Dirt and Get Carpets Cleaner
  • Cotton-Synthetic Pads — These Special Pads Absorb More than FIVE Times their Weight in Dirt and Moisture
  • This machine, when used with our line of cleaners, will not only clean your carpets, but will rejuvenate them.
Step 5. Post-Clean & Pile Lift

Finally, we will go over your carpet with our Counter Rotating Brush Machine which will give your carpet a final cleaning as well as pile lift your carpet making them look brand new again.

The Primary Advantages To Our System Are:

  • We Get Stains Out that Other Carpet Cleaners Can't
  • Spots Won't Come Back
  • Very Fast Dry Time (less than one hour)
  • Sanitizer & Deodorizer Always Applied at No Additional Charge
  • Hygienically Clean Carpets
  • Carpet Lasts Longer
  • Fewer Carpet Cleanings Required in the Future
  • Safe for You, Your Children, Pets, Customers, Employees, etc.
  • Carpet Smells Fresher, Longer
  • Uses MINIMAL Water
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • No Air Pollution
  • No Noise Pollution
  • No Water Pollution
  • No Risk of Mold or Mildew
  • No Sticky Residue
  • No Hoses
  • No Open Doors
  • No Wick-Backs